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Studio hire, live P.A bookings and location recording and filming work is undertaken on the basis of a booking deposit, securing against cancellation by the client, with the balance being due on the day of the session or event. The deposit is typically 30 – 50% of the total amount quoted for the job, and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation by the client. A booking is not confirmed without the payment of a deposit. In the event of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, the booking deposit will be honoured as a part payment for a single re-scheduled date, to be agreed between the client and Make Some Noise Studio.


In the event of a client arriving late for a pre-booked session commencing at a specified time, a 30 minute window – at the discretion of Make Some Noise Studio is allowed to take into account transportation issues, after which, any additional time will be deemed to be part of the studio session or event booking. Where possible, Make Some Noise Studio will use this additional time in the absence of the client to begin preparation and set-up for the client’s session or event.


The setting up of equipment and systems for recording, filming and performance purposes is an integral part of the working process, and is part of the chargeable time booked for a recording session or event. Such equipment and systems include, but are not limited to: musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, equipment stands, cabling, mixing desks, computer software, cameras, lighting.


Make Some Noise Studio will normally archive a clients data for up to two months free of charge, in the event that the client may wish to make changes to their work. Any additional archiving is at the discretion of Make Some Noise Studio, or requires a separate arrangement to be made with the client. Make Some Noise Studio does not take responsibility for the safety of a clients data after the booked session(s) have been completed, and the client has been furnished with a completed product – typically a CD, DVD or master files on a data medium. Should a client require a back-up of their entire project data, the time taken to back-up such data to a storage media: either a drive supplied by the client, or a data DVD or CD, is chargeable at an hourly rate of £15.00 per hour or part thereof. Should a client require a multi-track audio or video stem mix of individual parts for transfer to another software platform or system, the time involved in supplying this data is chargeable at an hourly rate of £17.50 per hour or part thereof.


The full ownership of recorded audio and video material is automatically transferred to the client upon receipt by Make Some Noise Studio of the client’s final agreed payment for the completed work. Make Some Noise Studio may use samples of clients material for promotional purposes only, in printed and digital forms. Should the client not wish this promotional useage to occur, they should advise Make Some Noise Studio accordingly.

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