Make Some Noise Studio undertake a lot of location recording for artists at gigs and concerts both for showreel work, website use and demo purposes. We also can offer quick & affordable live recordings in the studio for promotional and video purposes, and can also film these performances in-house.

THE SCORCHERS – Sit And Wonder (Live At Pizza Express)

WES KING – Live Studio Recording For Video (Acoustic)

THE POWERS – Kiss (Live Recording For Function Band Showreel)

KANGAROO MOON – Summer Jam At Lyminge (Festival Recording)

WHITE HEAT – Never Got Me Down (Live Studio Recording)

UPCDOWNC – Live At The Duke (Live Gig Recording)

TIM ROBERTSON – Live At Pizza Express (Contemporary Jazz)

OSKAR VILCROW – The Hunter (Live Gig Recording)

WE ARE BANDICOOT – Live at Pizza Express

Recording. Video. Live Events.

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