Kate Luck & Subculture Soundsystem – Higher Ground

Higher GroundPress Release

‘Higher Ground’ is a musical collaboration between singer, pianist and artist in her own right Kate Luck and producer Subculture Soundsystem (aka Clive Austen: Make Some Noise Records / Electron Soul Records) The first single release from a body of new material, the song deals with environmental concerns projected through global warming, the migration of ancient peoples via the now submerged land-bridge known as Doggerland, Elon Musk and the fundamental problem of where we are heading as a species.

In a partial comment about the advent of the NFT culture within art and music, and its impact on the planet in terms of energy use, Kate has produced an abstract painting for the cover image of ‘Higher Ground’ comprised of 25 miniature canvases, purchased from Poundland. The production of this painting has been filmed from start to finish and forms part of the video for ‘Higher Ground’. The destruction of the piece and break up into it’s constituent parts has also been filmed / documented.

23 media outlets will be sent a physical CD and a piece of the painting. Will anyone listen, will anyone open the envelopes – who knows? The important thing is, the process! The artists will keep a piece each.

The single will be released on the 23rd June 2023.

ARTIST: Kate Luck & Subculture Soundsystem

RELEASED: 23/06/2023

LABEL: Electron Soul Records

TRACKS: ‘Higher Ground’

FORMATS: Digital Download

GENRES: Electronica /Trip-hop / Dub / Indie




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