Studio Equipment

The studio is based around a vintage Soundcraft Delta modular desk and Sony MPX390 broadcast mixer as well a a JVC MI3000U transformer balanced mixdown desk, with Audio Developments, Golden Age Projects, Audient, RME and Focusrite Pre-amps and converters and combines both hi-tech digital and high quality analogue equipment.


We have a mixture of AKG, Beyer, Lewitt, Rode, Shure and Audio Technica microphones, BSS and MTR DI boxes. We have several electric guitars and basses available to use, an Orange bass amp, a Sound City valve guitar amp, a Roland Jazz Chorus and a Pearl Export drum kit.


Our vintage equipment includes a Fostex E16 Reel To Reel Tape Multi-track, Accessit Spring Reverb and Watkins Copycat Tape Echo Machines, FX Pedals and analogue Synthesizers. Outboard compressers include vintage DBX 119 and Eela EA801’s, TC Electronic and Drawmer Units.


Digital Recording is via Cubase, and for editing and CD authoring, Sony Soundforge and CD Architect. Video Editing and authoring is via Sony Vegas and DVD Architect. Monitoring is provided by Mackie HR624’s, KEF Hi-Fi reference speakers and Beyer DT100 Headphones.


Recording. Video. Live Events.

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